Silent Shard x Metamask Snaps

Get MPC based 2FA for your MetaMask wallet!

The Silent Shard Snap is an extension for your MetaMask browser extension to help you create a Distributed Self Custodial Wallet within MetaMask leveraging our seamless, secure and blazing fast MPC technology: Silent Shard.
Now with just your browser and phone, you can approve transactions super securely and yet, with utmost ease!

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A Walkthrough

Silent Shard Snap Walkthrough

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The Promise

Super power your Metamask wallet with MPC:

MFA-like experience

Each transaction you initiate is escorted by a confirmation flow on your companion device, ensuring that your assets move only when you give the nod.

Distributed Private Key

No longer is your key a single point of failure; with the Silent Shard MPC it's a distributed guardian, tirelessly shielding your assets from threats.

Secure and Seamless Recovery

Our distinct backup and recovery mechanisms for key shares is your safety net, ensuring that you’re back on your feet swiftly, with your assets intact.

Chain Agnostic Snap

Silent Shard Snap is designed to be chain-agnostic, granting you the liberty to traverse any blockchain your MetaMask wallet supports.



The future

What does the roadmap look like?


Audited and Verified

What is MPC?

Wondering what MPC is? 🤔 Take a tour of an interactive explanation we’ve designed for you!

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