Silent Compute

Harness the full potential of data without compromising privacy.

Move the inference instead of the data.

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s;lent Partnerships

Redefining data collaboration with privacy at its core

  • We enable cross-institutional collaboration on data without ever exposing or exchanging plaintext customer information to any organization or affecting data usability, thereby maintaining utmost customer data privacy.

  • Our state-of-the-art cryptographic libraries empower distributed analytics, allowing movement of insights rather than the raw data itself and preventing any single point of failure.

The S;lent Compute

No visibility into data = No compliance liability!

Our libraries help you leverage more data for your analytics, while enhancing compliance to principles given in the privacy laws.

Data Minimisation

No exposure to raw sensitive data & access to just inferences for the specified request helps prevent misuse of data for other purposes

Data Storage Limitation

Movement of inferences rather than the raw data itself eliminates the need for storage, & therefore retention

Data Accuracy

Advanced cryptographic guarantees of data processing which enables collaboration, ensures data completeness, accuracy & consistency

Data Integrity & Confidentiality

Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) allow distributed and encrypted processing, fostering privacy of data-in-use

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S;lent Features

Upscale your Data Privacy

Distributed Computation

Data is computed across different nodes without centralising sensitive information, therefore mitigating single point of failure.

Encrypted data in use

Data across any single node can not reveal anything about the underlying information, offering unprecedented security and privacy.

Enhanced Collaboration

Organisations can leverage new data types and sources to enrich their insights without worrying about regulatory compliance.

No exposure of data

Leverage complete control on the data without compromising on the usability. Data never leaves your environment.

Where we Can Partner

Use Cases

Deal with sensitive data? We can help you!

Anti-Money Laundering

Why work in silos when you can safely analyse transactional data across multiple jurisdictions and institutions, to understand, detect and visualise patterns indicative of money laundering. Enhance the detection of suspicious activities while preserving the confidentiality of sensitive data.

Open Banking

Our libraries propel data collaboration beyond open banking, to open finance and open/smart data. We revolutionise financial data collaboration with customer’s privacy at the core. Offer personalised services using rich insights in the customer financial background without accessing plaintext financial data or using privacy intrusive methods such as scraping etc.

Credit Scoring

Enhance your credit scoring models using alternative data sources, such as telecom, utilities data, which helps predict financial behaviour more accurately without compromising on customer’s privacy.

Regulatory Tech

Efficiently navigate and conform to regulatory mandates and avoid associated penalties by reducing data-related liabilities. Organisations across the globe recognise & recommend PETs as a solution to process sensitive data, including Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO, link), Hong Kong Monetary Authority (link), and UN PET Guide (link).

Healthcare research

Accelerate healthcare research by aggregating data from different customer touch points, for various applications including clinical research, drug development, population health or understanding rare diseases among others, all while cryptographically ensuring customer privacy.


Transform sensitive information such as location history or network usage data into valuable insights for improved service offerings, better network optimisation, and more, without infringing on customer privacy.