Silent Shard

End-to-End MPC as a Service

Silent Shard is an MPC-based TSS complemented by cyber-physical proofs for much usable, secure, and truly decentralised support for digital wallets, exchanges and institutional asset enterprises.

Supported Protocols: Based on peer reviewed aLGORITHMS



DKLs19 & 23

S;lent features

Support for Niche Technical Features

Silent shard is Much more than signature.

DKG and Signature

In order to scale MPC based digital signatures, our libraries support key generation and signatures without continuous liveliness assumptions of the parties.

Weighted Threshold Signatures

Silent Shard supports threshold signatures as functions of group economics or organizational prowess

Offline Key Refresh

Key refresh does not assume all parties to be online. This denies any DOS attack by share holders.

Quorum + Policy

Silent Shard is configurable to support organizational signing policies, change of quorums' size and structure and hierarchal settings.

S;lent Details

Example of Constructs Built using Silent Shard

Browser and
Plugin Wallets {2, 2}

Server +
Phone {2, 2}

Server +
Phone {T, N}

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s;lent Use Case

Silent Shard {2, 2}- Enterprise grade MPC for Plugin wallets