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Fastest, most Versatile & Scalable MPC Libraries

No single point of failure

Our libraries are based on peer-reviewed and battle tested MPC protocols which ensure your secrets are never exposed to any single point of failure, while at rest or in use.
Thereby, enabling truly distributed and trust-less computation of secret data.

Superfast Signing & Compute

After rigorous benchmarking, we currently offer the DKLs series of MPC-TSS protocol and implemented one of the fastest MPC-TSS libraries in world thus far,<20 ms compute time for {3, 5} sign.

Programable and Application Agnostic

Our products are adaptive to quorums-{2,2} and {t, n}, elliptic curves, access policy designs, across different form factors of computing nodes (phone, cloud, smart devices, confidential compute enclaves) and more!

S;lent Features

We understand your needs for granular security, policy and access control features.

Truly Distributed Key & Signature Generation

Silent Shard enables products to adopt state-of-the-art Threshold Signature Schemes where signature and key-share generation are designed to be decentralized.

Secure In-Motion

Silent Shard ensures that your secret data is never at one place and the distributed secrets are not exposed to the other party. Inference on secret data is what matters to the participants.

Spectrum of Custody

We do not dictate who controls the key-shares, signing authorities or group dynamics. Partners can rather choose from a spectrum of possible design choices as function of user-empowerment, applications.

Off-Chain Custom Policies

Silent Auth has novel 3 pillars of risk intelligence to facilitate continuous, adaptive and multi-step-up authentication as per the use cases and situations.

Off-Chain Proofs

Our Products allow you to employ proofs instead of OTPs. Proof of possession, proof of proximity and proof of activity, proof of ownership, proof of authenticity, amongst other such configurable proofs, for optimized security.

A Scalable Solution

Silent Shard SDK scales well across quorums: {2,2} and {t, n} Threshold Signatures curves: ECDSA and EdDSA, whilst nesting snugly into your existing solutions architecture - fluid, secure, scalable.

s;lent success stories

Browser & Phone wallets

Our composable {2,2}TSS library brings high security to a seamless UX allowing for a 2FA like experience between a browser and a phone wallet.

"Silent Shard in particular offers a novel 2FA like experience between MetaMask Extension and their Silent Shard app to approve transactions, which is all powered by some cutting edge MultiParty Computation (MPC) Cryptography. The convenience of saving a part of the private key in the Google or Apple password manager also offers a great recoverability option."

Alex Jupiter, Accounts Group Lead (MetaMask) @ Consensys

Digital Asset Custodians

Our composable {t,n}TSS library enables easy, secure and highly custom key management systems available right at our client's fingertips.

"Leveraging Silence Labs' Silent Shard, a trailblazer in MPC-based TSS technology, we're taking digital asset management to the next level. Minimized trust, enhanced security, and a user-friendly platform - that's the future we're shaping with Silent Shard"

Robert Muresan, Co-Founder @ Bequest Finance

Phone Wallets

With Silent Shard {t,n} TSS, phone wallet users can enjoy super secure and useable key management systems with nodes/ guardians in any manner possible.

"Silence labs is the best team to work with, fast to integrate and great in providing developer & scientific support. We have thoroughly enjoyed the product integration to serve our global community and excited to continue this between Brine and Silencelabs!"

Shaaran, CEO @ Brine Finance

Distributed Compute and Storage

Our MPC libraries have been proven the most secure and fastest in the industry. Highly scaleable privacy preserving storage and compute is a no brainer with Silence!

"Silent Shard will be a looked after enabler for building layers of trust and securiity for distributed storage and compute."

Nandit, CEO @ Lighthouse Storage

Proof of Proximity and Liveliness

Our Proofs enabled Auth framework supports contextualized libraries for specific needs of businesses needing proofs for proximity and liveliness of the verifiers.

"In our quest to digitise Bus transport and especially ticketing, partnership with Silence Labs has been crucial in delivering a seamless, reliable and blazing fast in bus transaction experience. Using BLE in an offline, secure and P2P mode, we have been able to offer a under 1 sec tap to pay experience to the masses of India. The SL team has been splendid, and more than willing to iterate, change and keep improving the product."

Vinayak Bhavnani, CTO @ Chalo
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Built in Silence by Researchers & Cryptographers

Our libraries have been developed through rigorous R&D by leading researchers in MPC, cryptographers, engineers and mathematicians in application security. Click through to meet the team.

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